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The south-lands become less and less populated by forest, until there are only the rolling hills and parched grasses of the prairie. It is so named for the pale quality of the life which grows here, as well as the common sight of brush fires. This area is dangerous in the summer months when the heat climbs, and almost void of life when the winter creeps in. The majority of this district is tempting to pronghorns, hares, and other prey creatures - likely because of the lack of danger for them - and they are attracted to the (nearly perpetually) parched creek known as Crocodile Run. The most eerie aspect of this arid place would be the Rookery, a hungry forest filled with thin, twisting, black-burned trees that re-invents itself after every wildfire. Recently the forest has become home to a clan of vultures, and they area eager to lure ignorant beasts deep into the dark for an easy meal.


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